Hero jumping picture

Let’s do a jumping one!!

That about sums it up. Fun. Laughter. Music – yes please!

These incredible photographs were taken by Matthew Legemaate, Lionheart Photography. He is my hero!

Hero Trail Pictures

Matthew completed the 35 km Amashova ONE year after a heart and bilateral (both) lung transplant.

He is the reason for Hero777, an organisation aimed at increasing awareness of organ and tissue donation in South Africa.

My Hero cycling amashova

My Hero, Matthew, was born in 1998, diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallots and severe pulmonary Atresia. As a result, his first operation was at 36 hours old to link his heart and lungs.

Consequently, Matthew spent 7 traumatic weeks in hospital with a second operation at 15 months to insert a valve. He had a number of other operations and interventions until he was ten years old.

Finally, the Doctors decided they could no longer chance operating on him.

Matthew was placed on oxygen 24/7 as well as on the transplant list for a heart and bilateral lung, at the age of 13.

my hero pics

By 2017 doctors did not think he would survive much longer. The “call” came late in 2017 and Matthew had a heart and bilateral lung transplant. Despite the odds he survived the surgery.  He came home battling to walk as his nerve had been injured during surgery so he received intensive physiotherapy (ME!) and biokineticist rehabilitation to get him walking properly.

What has this got to do with trail running? Everything

Register on Hero777 and spread the word to your loved ones. This is too important not to do!

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my hero pics